Something badass this way comes…

Camp Hecate is a retreat for women-identifying people. Held twice throughout the year, Camp Hecate takes place in April and October within about two hours of the Atlanta Metro area.

Designed to rejuvenate all kinds of women, including women who require intense mindfulness about their energy stores (h/t to our spoonies!) our camp curriculum will restore you physically, emotionally, and mentally.

We believe in Trust, Belonging, Visibility, and Grace. Our Camp Leaders undergo training with out Camp Director, MMT, in order to instill these values in every activity at camp.


Come to Camp Hecate a badass.  Leave badass-er. 


Camp Director

Better known to most everybody as MMT, our founder and director is an entrepreneur from Atlanta who really enjoys hanging out with her friends. No, really, that’s how this whole thing started: she wanted a space to hang out with her friends in a traditional camp setting in the foothills of her favorite Blue Ridge Mountains.

So, she made one.

The only camp experience she has is attending YMCA day camp in Greenville, SC as a child, chilling at debate camp in high school, and getting fired from two different camps two summers in a row in college.

Campers come to the mountains of North Georgia to receive that which they’ve been depleted of: rest, freedom from caregiving, nature, the movement of bodies for the simple love of it, symbiosis with others, and—we feel this is key—PLAY.

We spend several days taking care of all needs so that women may begin to indulge their desires. And, as we’ve found out, many women desire to change the world.

Camp Hecate helps them do just that.

Camp Hecate helps them do just that.

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