We want to help women feel replenished so that they may have and use energy toward effecting change in their communities

Depletion and blurred priorities are often cited as reasons that changemakers are remaining stagnant. When we remove the things that often weigh us down — meal planning, cooking, commuting, being responsible for children/pets/plants/other living beings, work, side-hustles, emails, consumerism/overspending — by placing women at Camp, so much time, space, energy, and drive opens up. In that expanse, BIG SHIT can happen.

We believe that Camp allows for just the right amount of freedom for big ideas to be conceived, big collaborations to be plotted, and big responsibility to be owned. And in 2019, our hypothesis was proved right with our inaugural camper cohort. After hearing, “I feel so refreshed!” and “I’m having so much fun!” while up on the mountain, when we returned home, in the weeks and months following camp, we started noticing:

Our camper alumni were starting Period.Org chapters in their areas. They were starting book discussion groups for people to work through the reading list suggested by Rachel Cargle. They were starting businesses. They were considering running for local office.

We spend several days taking care of all needs so that women may begin to indulge their desires. And, as we’ve found out, many women desire to change the world.

Camp Hecate helps them do just that.

The intention brought forth in the programming at Camp has made an impact on me so much that I have continued these practices after I returned home. From designated rest and reflection times, activities that pushed my comfort zone, opportunities for public speaking, supported nutrition for our minds and bodies…it all gave me motivation to continue to make myself a priority after camp.

If we could be so strong, make tangible change and set powerful intentions into the world, in just a week’s time…what amazing things could a lifetime of self-love do?!?!



At Camp Hecate, we believe that identifying and living your values is a key to fulfillment.


What we believe: The Universe defaults to good. 

What we think: Trust helps to build the community that we are here at camp to build, and keeps that community going when camp is not in session.     

What we do: We design days around building and nurturing trust. 


What we believe: Every person deserves to be seen. 

What we think: It is an act of bravery to show up and be seen, and it is an act of compassion to truly see others as they are, without a filter we impose.

What we do: We provide a safe, encouraging, affirming, emboldening place to see and be seen. 


What we believe: Every person desires to belong.

What we think: People benefit from feeling like they truly belong somewhere because they blossom under that comfort and safety.                                   

What we do: We build a community that instills in its members that they are vital parts of the whole.


What we believe: Mistakes are a part of life.

What we think: Learning how to maintain a graceful spirit come what may is an invaluable level-up that only appreciates with time and use.

What we do: We encourage forgiveness, gentleness with self, and the benefit of the doubt, to each other and everyone else, all year ’round.








In 2019, our keynote speaker, Rachel Cargle, came to speak with campers about Unpacking White Feminism. Cargle is a writer, activist, academic, and lecturer who writes for Harper’s Bazaar (among other publications) and has been invited to the ongoing conversations at The Red Table and on the TedX stage. Her social syllabi are curated for white women seeking to #dothework and are highly recommended.


  • Between the World and Me, Ta-Nehesi Coates

  • White Fragility, Robin DiAngelo

    • DiAngelo’s recommended reading can be found here

  • Eloquent Rage, Brittney C. Cooper

  • The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander

  • ain’t i a woman, bell hooks

  • On Intersectionality, Kimberlé Crenshaw

  • Women and Gender in Islam, Leila Ahmed

  • Gender Trouble, Judith Butler

  • Bad Feminist, Roxanne Gay

Campers come to the mountains of North Georgia to receive that which they’ve been depleted of: rest, freedom from caregiving, nature, the movement of bodies for the simple love of it, symbiosis with others, and—we feel this is key—PLAY.

We spend several days taking care of all needs so that women may begin to indulge their desires. And, as we’ve found out, many women desire to change the world.

Camp Hecate helps them do just that.

Camp Hecate helps them do just that.

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