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I met the friends my spirit had been searching for my whole life at Camp Hecate and am forever grateful.

2019 CAMPER, FIRE bunk

Camp Hecate provided a safe environment for me to push my personal boundaries and to grow. I did positive things way outside my comfort zone. I’m a better person for having attended camp.

2019 camper, earth bunk

I had the most amazing experience of my life during my week at camp. I have never felt so much Trust, Visibility, Belonging, and Grace as I do in the amazing space that is Camp Hecate.

I feel so honored to have been a part of the inaugural session and I absolutely plan on returning every year.

2019 camper, metal bunk

Camp showed me how things can be and I am now able to put that out into the multiverse and show others.

2019 camper, air bunk

Saw a bear. 10/10 would recommend.

2019 camp hecate staff member

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Campers come to the mountains of North Georgia to receive that which they’ve been depleted of: rest, freedom from caregiving, nature, the movement of bodies for the simple love of it, symbiosis with others, and—we feel this is key—PLAY.

We spend several days taking care of all needs so that women may begin to indulge their desires. And, as we’ve found out, many women desire to change the world.

Camp Hecate helps them do just that.

Camp Hecate helps them do just that.

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